Our Mission

Hoggard's Siara SoutherlandTo assist with fundraising opportunities, help manage and distribute funds, promote attendance and spirit at athletic events, provide parent-oriented assistance to the Athletic Department, promote awareness of the important relationship between success in athletics and academics, advocate for Hoggard Athletics in the community, and provide a forum for discussions about athletic programs and related issues. And most importantly provide 10 scholarships per year to our Senior Students going on to enjoy a sport during college.

With this in mind, please visit our Golf Tournament page to help raise money for your kids sports and help alleviate the costs associated with the sport(s) they’re affiliated with.

Good Luck to all our students!

Hebbe Student Support

As a Viking family, past, present and future we consider ourselves extremely blessed with talented and caring teachers, administrators, faculty, students and parents. It’s these vast talents, great resources and huge hearts that make the Hoggard experience so paramount for so many. However, even as we sit here this evening there are still many of our student athletes that lack in even basic needs of food, warm clothing, athletic shoes and even safe transportation to and from school and sports events. Because of this that we feel it’s our duty to expand the mission of the JTH Athletic Booster Club and build a fund that can be used for such extreme situations or extraordinary needs of our student athletes. For some of these kids, time at school and sports is what gets them through some otherwise very dismal days. For many, their athletic successes are their very best opportunity to continue to pursue their education and hope for a better life than what they currently is living.

Until now, many teachers, faculty, staff and Hoggard parents were responding to individual needs as they became aware of them, frequently by just reaching into their own wallets to address the issue. While we know these actions are part of what makes the Hoggard family so special, we know that the needs are too great to be individually addressed.

Coach James HebbeCoach James Hebbe was one such coach who coached and taught many students at both Roland Grise and Hoggard. He coached XX Viking different sports and hundreds of student athletes during his career. Coach Hebbe was not only one of these huge-hearted coaches, but he had previously been one of these students. He loved his Viking family and loved Hoggard High school. Just days before his passing he insisted Jane McFadyen secure him tickets to Legends of Hoggard so he could be present and stand as their coach when his state championship golf team got inducted to the Hall of Fame . Unfortunately, the day he was to return home from his rehabilitation, he passed away suddenly. While he isn’t here with us physically, we have no doubt that he looks down on us now with pride on the successes of teams he touched. Therefore, it is with great pride and overwhelming emotion that the Hoggard High School Athletic Booster club and Legends of Hoggard committee establishes the James Hebbe Student Support Fund, “the Coaches Closet”.