The Hoggard Athletic Booster Club would like to thank the members who have joined for the 2021-22 year.  The Booster Club supports all of our student athletes and teams.  Membership funds go towards the general fund through which scholarships are awarded each year to our student athletes.

Special recognition goes to our Viking Club members:

Geoffrey Ngene

Dr. Sotna Young

Susan Boyer

Kindel Carter

David Wood

Carole Johnson

Claud Oshields

Mandy Bobo

Mark Mormando

Lucy Wilcox

Amanda Dabbs

Jessica Schreiber

Heather Henderson

Rossie Manning

Mark Michael Moroz

Woodell Family/Live Oak Bank

Emily Reiniche

Rich & Heather Moses

Scott Long

Christopher Steyskal

Corey Yingling

Tonya Biba

Jennifer Brubaker

Kayanne Delavore

Mike Melroy

Christie Brown

Pam Wright

Cori Nevruz

Amy Andrews

Lynn Hildreth

Brett & Amy Queen

Allison Boswell

Stephanie Vithalani

Rebecca Westendorff

Blackbeard's Power Washing

Allison Troutman

Robin Cromartie

Anthony Parnell

Kristy Hollar

Craig Myatt

Dawn Byrnes

Cameron Edwards

Jan Gisonde

Teri Kelly

Ray Cox

Carrabba's Italian Grill

AVAL Forensics

John Mason 

Jeff Bowyer

Troy Schaudt

Harriet Lennon

Ann Howell

Jeff Martin

Mary McNeill

Liesel Massey

Jennifer Anderson 

Bo & Candace Stephens










Play Golf

Thank you in advance for supporting our kids of today, and our Leaders of tomorrow!
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JTH ABC Membership

Help us make a difference for student athletes, become a member today!

Students who participate in extracurricular activities, such as athletics, perform better in the classroom.

Membership Levels
  • Family $20 – Receives 1 Hoggard ABC Koozie and Decal
  • Friends of Hoggard $50 – Receives 1 Hoggard ABC Koozie, Decal, and 2 Cups
  • Viking Club $100 + – Receives 2 Hoggard ABC Koozies, Decals, 2 Cups, Reusable Shopping Bag, and Recognition at Hoggard Sporting Events

Order online with PayPal

To make a donation of any amount, please click here to go to our PayPal donation page.

To make a donation by Venmo, use @Hoggard-ABC.  Note:  Please include a membership level and the sport(s) you are affiliated with. 

We’ll still gladly accept your membership application the old fashion way, please print out the form and mail it in with a check.

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